Illustration: J'adore Paris


J'adore Paris is meant to create a sense of fun and joy. I visualised a young woman, in a beautiful brightly coloured skirt, flowing in the breeze, with French bread in her basket, and her faithful companion by her side, looking up adoringly at her.

The idea was that she longed to visit Paris and hadn't been able to before. Who knows why? But she had finally got there - and she was happy!

Here is her story:

From her earliest age, Matilda had been drawn to Paris.

Perhaps it was living across the Channel - in a country of cold, grey skies - that made her yearn for the romanticism of the city. So, of course, when she was finally able to visit, and stand in front of the Eiffel Tower, what else could Matilda do but exclaim, "J'adore Paris!" in her best French accent.