Once upon a time...

there was a young girl who lived in a large and bustling city. She loved to run and she loved to play, but most of all she loved to read fairy tales that were full of mystery, with fairy godmothers, young maidens and a happily ever after at the end.

She loved these stories so much, that on cold winter evenings she would write her own tales and draw pictures, vividly creating her own world of folk and fairy tale. Sometimes she performed her stories for local children, and dreamed of the day she too would grow up and live an exciting life just like the girls in her tales. 

She dreamed of the day she too would grow up and live an exciting life just like the girls in her tales..”

One day, however, she fell ill and woke up unable to walk properly or move her legs. Her parents were worried, and took her to every doctor they could find, but nothing helped. Then, some months later, miraculously, her legs improved, and she could run and play once more.

Time passed. This girl grew up, as little girls do, and she focused on her lessons and went to university. But at times her legs just would not work as they should, and she had to rest and take things very carefully. Infact, she was so focussed on her studies that she had little energy for anything else and she forgot that she had once loved art and stories. 

During one of those periods, when she could not walk at all, she decided to paint a picture. Not just any picture, but a picture of a young woman. And when she finished one, she started another.

Slowly, she rediscovered her love of illustration.

Indeed, it was quite a surprise when someone reminded her that she used to draw similar pictures all those years ago as she had completely forgotten. And although each lady she drew looked stylish, elegant and beautiful, sometimes people noted that their faces were a little wistful, a little melancholy, as if she were placing some of her unfulfilled hopes and dreams into each creation. because behind each one there was a story. As behind each one of us, there is a story...